3 of the quickest and easiest ways anybody can make a few hundred dollars



Many people are intrigued by the fact that I make money online, and I often get asked the same questions. One of the most common questions I get is

“Tom, Now that I got these great sixpack abs after learning the one simple trick to raise testosterone and remove stubborn belly fat, I need to go on a sweet beach vacation. But I can’t afford it! How can I get some cash fast?”

When somebody asks me that, The first thing I tell them is: My name’s not Tom. The next thing I tell them is: before you start giving ZJ’s under the bridge for extra money, I have 2 simple steps anybody can use to quickly get a few hundred dollars to finance their beach vacation or bulk order of steroid-tainted pre-workout:

Step 1: Take a heroic near-fatal dose of the finest Kratom

Step 2: Use the 3 techniques listed below.

Bam. It’s that simple. You can use any or all of the strategies below to get an easy few hundred dollars with only a couple hours of work at most. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Behold:

1. Huge $500 Uber promo code: bnu9k3kuue

You know of the company Uber that is kicking cab companies’ asses all throughout the country. While most of you have heard of them, what you probably haven’t heard is that you can get hundreds of dollars from them with only a couple hours of work. Uber offers very lucrative sign-up bonuses for new drivers, and if they are active in your city and your car qualifies, it is very easy to sign up and get that money in just a few days. The bonus depends on the city, but ranges from $150 to $750 for becoming a new driver! You don’t have to be interested in actually driving for them regularly to get that money – You can sign up and meet the minimum requirement of 20 rides or so and collect your bonus after only a few hours of work, and then never drive again if you want. Just don’t forget to use the code bnu9k3kuue when you sign up as a driver at Uber.com or you won’t get the bonus! I made that mistake, and now I am sad. Be better than me. Be happy. Use the code.

If you have never gotten the Uber app as a rider, use the same promo code to get your first ride free when you sign up.

This is some of the easiest money you can make, so don’t pass it up. You can go from signing up to having $500 in less than 2 weeks!

Things to watch out for:

– Drunk people

Female doctors in Miami


2. Huge Credit Card Sign-up bonuses:

Banks and financial institutions go to great lengths to get people to sign up for new credit cards, because most people don’t use them intelligently and end up paying a bunch of interest. Credit cards are so lucrative for these companies that many times they will actually pay you to sign up – anywhere from $150 to $500 just for signing up for the card! I’ve talked about this easy source of almost free money before. If you email me at thesecretoftheinternet@gmail.com and ask for the credit card referrals, I can send you emails for the Amex Blue Cash and teh Discover IT card, and if you sign up you’ll get $150 and $50! They happen to be two of the best rewards cards you can get too!

There is usually a spending requirement that you have to meet to activate the bonus on a new card, and it goes up with the bonus. The $400 to $500 card bonuses usually require $3000 to be spent within 3 months to activate the bonus. But if you spend that much anyway, or if you have a big purchase to make, then just put it all on the card and get your free money.

If you really want make big money with credit card ‘churning’ as it’s called, you can research “manufactured spending” techniques for reaching the spending limits without actually spending that much money.

I will be releasing a totally free concise ebook on the entire process soon, so stay tuned. If you want to be sure you get notified when it’s done, sign up for our mailing list on the right side bar.

Things to watch out for:

– Annual Fees that aren’t waived the first year

– Evil bankers and their usury


3. Reselling on eBay and Amazon

Of the 3 strategies in this article, this is the hardest of the easy money, but still really easy. It also has the advantage of being the most scalable; Some people make a decent side income with just a few hours a month, while others earn a full-time living reselling on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc.

First start with any stuff you have lying around that you don’t need, and sell that first. Easy money, and you get the bonus of freeing up some space. After that, you can start buying things to resell from garage sales, estate sales, auctions, etc.

To see the list of the actual equipment I use to make money reselling on eBay and Amazon, Click HERE. I am putting the finishing touches on my free ebook on how to buy and sell online, so stay tuned.  If you want to be sure you get notified when it’s done, sign up for our mailing list on the right side bar.
I did an experiment a while back where I started with a bankroll of only $1 for purchasing inventory at garage sales, and within 3 months I had flipped enough items to get the bankroll up over $1000. Sure this takes more work than something like the Uber bonus, but it’s always available, and it can still easily be done in your spare time while holding down a full time job (if you’re one of those people who like waking up early and holding your shit in).

At least give it a shot! What do you have to lose, except your last dollar and your hope for a better future?

Things to watch out for:

– Filling your house with junk

– Me. I will be out there, Mr. Steal yo deal.