Don’t get stuck as a bottom feeder – 3 steps to become a real entrepreneur!

There are a lot of different things you can do to make money with practically zero investment upfront. the downside is that many of these things won’t get you a lot of money, but it is at least an option. I have detailed some of these techniques in my articles and videos before, such as my video 17 weird things you can get for free to sell on eBay.

I talk about these methods because I want to show you that really anybody can do SOMETHING to make extra money and improve your situation. There are also always a few whiners out there who, no matter how great of an opportunity you reveal, will complain that they can’t do it because it takes a $5 investment, or other such nonsense. I like to show that even with ridiculous parameters like “I can’t spend any money and can only work 15 minutes a week” you can still make SOME extra income.

However, for those who are serious about changing their lives, you have to move beyond digging around for free stuff and zero-work hustles.

If you go scrounging for pennies, that is what you are going to find. 

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Money CAN buy you happiness

 I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase “money can’t buy you happiness”.  I don’t really like using the word “happiness” in this context, because it doesn’t really fully represent what people are trying to say then they repeat this saying.

Happiness is more or less a fleeting emotion, and isn’t necessary 100% of the time to have a fulfilling, amazing life.

I enjoying playing adult kickball and I am super competitive (laugh all you want, that shit is serious). When my team loses a game, I can’t honestly describe my emotional state for the next few hours as ‘happy’. But at the same time, I am not depressed or miserable and I am still content and satisfied with most aspects of my life. You don’t need to be ‘happy’ 100% of the time. You can’t be, really.

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Find and exploit the hidden benefits of your job – make more money


My goal has always been to break free from the job paradigm and own my own time. So far I am doing pretty good – I don’t have a boss or anybody to answer to, my income is directly related to my work, and I control my own time. Now I am just focused on increasing the amount of income to around the $80k a year mark, where studies have shown happiness is maximized.

A lot of people haven’t gotten there yet (or don’t even necessarily want to quit their jobs and work for themselves) but are still looking for ways to increase income, even if just for spending money.

I recommend EVERYBODY create some sort of side hustle (such as Uber, or selling things on eBay and Amazon).

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3 of the quickest and easiest ways anybody can make a few hundred dollars



Many people are intrigued by the fact that I make money online, and I often get asked the same questions. One of the most common questions I get is

“Tom, Now that I got these great sixpack abs after learning the one simple trick to raise testosterone and remove stubborn belly fat, I need to go on a sweet beach vacation. But I can’t afford it! How can I get some cash fast?”

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How to get an easy $200 to $800 in a few hours from Uber


Uber offers a great way to make a few hundred extra bucks with just a few hours of work:

If you live in a city with Uber and have a car that qualifies, you can use the special promo code bnu9k3kuue at when you sign up as a driver. This code will get you a sign-up bonus of anywhere from $150 to $750, depending on the city. All you have to do is sign up, send them images of a few documents like your registration and insurance, and then complete around 20 trips. This won’t take more than a few hours total, and you will clear $200 to $800! Easy money! After that you don’t even have to continue driving for Uber anymore if you don’t want to, though it’s a great way to make extra money any time you need it.

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Is getting rich with your blog a ‘fairy tale’ ?


Last month Newsweek ran an article online entitled “Growing rich by blogging is a high tech fairy tale”. The author, Daniel Lyons, details how he exhausted himself writing upwards of 20 posts a day, eventually culminating with the New York Times featuring him and his blog. As a result he got 500,000 hits in one day, and 1.5 million for the month. The grand monetary result of all that traffic? Just over $1000  in advertising revenue for the month. He soon shuttered his blog in disgust, declaring that getting rich with your blog is impossible.

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Last month’s earnings – October 2015

Monthly Earnings Oct 2015


Every month I will list my online earnings from the past month to show that you don’t have to make a fortune to break free from the job paradigm and own your time, and to outline some various options for online income generation.

Keep in mind that some income sources might not directly involve the internet, but as they still further the cause of freedom I will include them.

Also keep in mind that I do my record keeping on a cash accounting method, so I only count the expenses and income for the month where they actually hit the account, not when the sale or purchase may have taken place. So for instance, the Youtube revenue was actually earned in September, but was deposited this month.

Here are my results from October 2015 with some brief explanations:

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You don’t have to do something new or even better, just DO SOMETHING




“Being great at everything is not an actionable message.”
– Floris Maljers

“The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something.”
 – Nolan Bushnell


A very common excuse or rationalization that people use for why they can’t make money online with a blog, website, youtube channel, product or whatever, is that their desired idea or niche is already being done, and being done better than they could do.

The first problem with this line of thinking is that it is the mindset of a loser. This is a pithy topic that I have touched on before and will expound on further in the future, but it is super important to adopt a mindset of looking for opportunities instead of excuses. They are both always going to be there, and whichever you put time and effort into, that’s what you are going to find.

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