Money CAN buy you happiness

 I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase “money can’t buy you happiness”.  I don’t really like using the word “happiness” in this context, because it doesn’t really fully represent what people are trying to say then they repeat this saying.

Happiness is more or less a fleeting emotion, and isn’t necessary 100% of the time to have a fulfilling, amazing life.

I enjoying playing adult kickball and I am super competitive (laugh all you want, that shit is serious). When my team loses a game, I can’t honestly describe my emotional state for the next few hours as ‘happy’. But at the same time, I am not depressed or miserable and I am still content and satisfied with most aspects of my life. You don’t need to be ‘happy’ 100% of the time. You can’t be, really.

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How to get anything you want


One of the many quirks of being a human is the presence of never-ending desires, physical and mental. Our minds and our bodies make us yearn for things constantly. These things aren’t always ‘things’ – they can be emotions, experiences, or other non tangibles. For most people it would be literally impossible to ever get everything we want. Especially since  once we get it, we eventually just start desiring more.

There will never be a point in your life where you are without any desire for something you don’t have. That thought can be freeing to some, in the same way that accepting you are going to die one day can remove your fear of certain things, but it can also be discouraging; There is no way you can ever totally satisfy all your desires and get EVERYTHING you want.

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I want you to fail spectacularly

 Miesha Tate loss        

       When embarking on a new endeavor or goal, most of you will be worried about failing. You’ll usually do everything in your power to try to prevent it from happening. This fear of failure will dictate how you structure your attempts at reaching that goal. You may try to minimize your exposure so that if you do fail, it won’t be too bad. Most decisions you make on the path to that goal will be more oriented toward avoiding a big failure than they will be toward actually achieving the goal. People really, really, don’t like to fail.

Well, I like to think about it a little differently;

I want you to fail. And not only do I want you fail, I want you to fail spectacularly. And often.

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Your goals may not be what you think they are – Your emotions are your reality


Everybody has goals and desires, but what most people don’t realize is that the goal itself is not really what you are after. You are really trying to experience the emotion that comes along with that particular goal.

When somebody says they love their job, they aren’t talking about the emails they send every day, or the commute, or most other of the actual physical or mental tasks they perform day in and day out. They are talking about the way the job makes them feel: respected, important, helpful, indispensable, useful, powerful, secure, whatever.

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Stop asking for permission



                 Earlier today I was listening to The Minimalists Podcast with Joshua Fields Millburn, author of “Everything that Remains” (one of my top 10 books) and he got a question from a reader that asked whether he needs to keep his college diploma, or if he should get rid of it to further his journey of minimalism. Millburn responded to the question by asking,

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Mindset shift: Your self-image is preventing you from getting the results you want


Mindset is the most important thing you can possibly focus on when it comes to creating the life you want for yourself. As Victor Pride of Bold and Determined says, “The how is nothing. Mindset is everything.”

One aspect of mindset that too many people ignore is self-image, and how a simple mindset shift in your self-image can make all the difference when in comes to accomplishing your goals. Too often people choose a specific measurable benchmark in some area and let that benchmark become the goal itself, and because of that it becomes inseparably linked to their self-image, which actually makes it much more difficult to reach that benchmark.

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Stop following the rules



For your entire life up until this point you have been living according to a system that wasn’t created by you, wasn’t created for you, and wasn’t even built with your interests in mind.

I’m not referring to the country or political structures per se, but to the very culture and lifestyle that we are raised in. From preschool until the nursing home, we are supposed to follow other people’s rules designed to accomplish other people’s goals. If you want to accomplish your goals, then you have to start living by your rules.

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The 5 Foundations for Success in Life and Business




*** The following article was contributed by Kevin Knauer ***


We have all been in situations where we find ourselves asking how we got there. Why didn’t I see this coming? What did I do to deserve this? How did I end up here? If these questions sound familiar it signifies that you are currently taking a reactive approach in your life. The following five steps are a guide in order to take a more proactive outlook. With enough practice you will start seeing these situations develop and be able to put a stop to them before you find yourself in another negative situation.


1)      Observation.  Every interaction takes place within a specified context and environment. The act of observing an environment is really taking a third party look at the specific situation. Take everything into account, such as your physical environment, decorations, people, body language, ect. Ask yourself, “What is the environment saying to me?” Observation will lay the groundwork for which “social rules” must be followed in order to operate within a given context.  For example, a work environment has a different social context than a social outing with close friends. Being around professional peers provides additional rules that must be followed in order to not get fired. However, such as in social situations, you will have access to different social tools to achieve your goals.

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You can’t win the lotto if you don’t buy a ticket

The title notwithstanding, this article is not about my delinquent gambling habits (although I did recently win a prop bet on the correct order of the lewd jokes in the movie “Predator”). What we’re actually going to cover today is spending time on longer-term, lower probability/ higher reward projects, which a lot of entrepreneurs tend to reflexively avoid.

When first starting out on the quest to break free from the job paradigm, you definitely need to focus on creating income quickly and efficiently. This usually means focusing on the opportunities and options that are most immediately lucrative or available to you. And there is nothing wrong with that, but the most readily available options are usually not the ones that have the most upside potential. Something like an eBay or Amazon reselling business can be started very quickly, and begin bringing in income right away. The problem is that after an initial success, many people settle in to this new role and stop trying to create new sources of income, and never put any effort into projects that have a chance to really take off.

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Welcome to freedom!

This website is not about making money


This website is about FREEDOM. 



Don’t get me wrong, money is awesome, and I am actively trying to make more. But money isn’t great for it’s own sake, it is great because it can get you that freedom. For most people the main reason they do not have freedom is because they are stuck in the job paradigm, and as wise man once told me, “Working for other people is nothing but waking up early and holding your shit in.” 

This site is an ongoing study and experiment in all the ways to free yourself from the job paradigm, through making money online, motivation, saving money, investing, and all the other amazing opportunities provided through the internet. 

I’m not even close to being rich, but I own my time, which is a lot more than many wealthy people can say. On The Secret of the Internet we show you what we do, and the things that work for us, and the things that don’t. We  also profile and examine many other online businesses so you can see all the various ways people are being their own bosses and breaking free from wage slavery. 

Welcome to freedom!