Don’t get stuck as a bottom feeder – 3 steps to become a real entrepreneur!

There are a lot of different things you can do to make money with practically zero investment upfront. the downside is that many of these things won’t get you a lot of money, but it is at least an option. I have detailed some of these techniques in my articles and videos before, such as my video 17 weird things you can get for free to sell on eBay.

I talk about these methods because I want to show you that really anybody can do SOMETHING to make extra money and improve your situation. There are also always a few whiners out there who, no matter how great of an opportunity you reveal, will complain that they can’t do it because it takes a $5 investment, or other such nonsense. I like to show that even with ridiculous parameters like “I can’t spend any money and can only work 15 minutes a week” you can still make SOME extra income.

However, for those who are serious about changing their lives, you have to move beyond digging around for free stuff and zero-work hustles.

If you go scrounging for pennies, that is what you are going to find. 

And if you go hunting for HUGE opportunities, then that is what you are going to eventually get as well. Your success rate won’t be as high, but when you do have a success it will change your life in a much more dramatic way.

It is too easy to get stuck on the bottom rung trying to make sure you don’t miss any of the free money. To really break out you are going to have to pass up some free  or incredibly easy money to work on bigger and better things.

A man driving to meet a client for his consulting business probably isn’t going to stop and pick up a few aluminum cans he sees by the side of the road, even though that would be very easy money. He instead gave up some opportunities to collect that easy money to work on building a business that will provide a much better lifestyle and ultimately much MORE freedom.

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t do any of these easy things – you absolutely should – Just don’t get stuck with the small stuff forever.

It’s amazing how many people who want to start their own business are afraid to spend $100 or so to start a website or blog (that could end up making them MILLIONS!).

In years past if you wanted your own business you had to risk everything to start a physical location with a brick-and-mortar building. That would cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. And now you have the ability to start a business in your spare time, that could be just as successful (with way less work and sacrifice) as a physical business from years ago – and yet people won’t risk a measly few hundred dollars? at MOST? It’s insane!

Get some experience and inspiration doing the small stuff but then move on.


If you aren’t ready to risk a couple hundred bucks to start a blog, you aren’t really an entrepreneur, you’re just a daydreamer.


Start with these 3 simple steps:

1. Get a hosting account and domain with Bluehost

2. Use Fiverr to get somebody to do all the technical stuff you need. Have them:
– Add your domain to your hosting account
– Add WordPress to your hosting account
– Configure the site to look the way you want

3. Start creating regular content in your off hours

It really is that simple! This is EXACTLY the format I and others have used to make our blogs and websites that make money EVERY DAY! Some of them a LOT of money. You can usually do all this easily for less than $200 total, and very little of your own time, especially if you use Fiverr. Make a website about whatever you are interested in. Don’t worry about making money at first, just get started!

No more excuses! what do you have to lose?