Stop trying to ‘save’ your good content for later


“As long as you are going to be thinking anyway, think big.”

– Donald Trump


blog_best_practices1 Once you begin the challenge of producing content  (blog, videos, whatever) you may notice an interesting  compulsion pop up: a desire to ‘save’ your really good  ideas for later, once you have already become  popular, so they can be appreciated, and profitable . It  may feel like a waste to pour your heart and soul into  a blog post or video that you are reasonably certain nobody is going to see, because your blog is just starting out. This is a natural feeling, and I still get flashes of it, but you have to crush that kind of weak thinking. You should be EAGER to get your good ideas out there, not hesitant. That hesitation is very problematic for a few reasons:

1. It comes from a mentality of fear and scarcity. 
If you are confident in your ability to consistently produce quality material, then there is no way you can be worried about ‘wasting’ a good idea or running out. Quality content put out there for all to see is never wasted, even if it doesn’t get the recognition you think it should. Adopt a mentality of bountifulness and consistency If instead of focusing on each individual post as its own project, you make the blog/youtube channel ITSELF the project, then each piece of quality content improves that and strengthens your product. Mindset is everything.

2. You shouldn’t save your ideas, you should USE them. 
If your blog or youtube channel doesn’t have any viewers, what better way is there to change than than to start putting out really great content? In fact, your really great ideas are MORE useful when you are just starting out, not less. That is when you really need quality content to stand apart from the crowd.

3. You can always go back and revisit great ideas later.
In fact, if your blog gets popular and you have a lot of material, it is actually important to re-hash the foundation content that initially got you your audience. So you can benefit from your best material in the beginning to help you start out, and again later when you revisit it for your new readers.

If you ever feel the desire to ‘save’ an idea, that is a sign that it is probably quality content and you should use it NOW, not hide it away. You should always be doing your best to make EVERY bit of content your best, and then this problem takes care of itself.