Find and exploit the hidden benefits of your job – make more money


My goal has always been to break free from the job paradigm and own my own time. So far I am doing pretty good – I don’t have a boss or anybody to answer to, my income is directly related to my work, and I control my own time. Now I am just focused on increasing the amount of income to around the $80k a year mark, where studies have shown happiness is maximized.

A lot of people haven’t gotten there yet (or don’t even necessarily want to quit their jobs and work for themselves) but are still looking for ways to increase income, even if just for spending money.

I recommend EVERYBODY create some sort of side hustle (such as Uber, or selling things on eBay and Amazon).

No job is 100% secure, and almost everybody wishes they had at least a little extra money.

However, don’t be so focused on breaking free of your job or creating a side hustle that you overlook the money making/saving opportunities that are possible with the job you already have.

Almost every job out there has some unique way that you can make or save money, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

I have a friend who owns a moving company, and he is really busy during the end of the summer when all the local college students are moving. I offered to help out with some of the jobs recently, to help him out and simultaneously earn some extra money for an awesome adventure trip I am taking soon.

At the job we worked today, a local apartment complex was discarding enough furniture (with nothing wrong with it) to fill a large moving truck. And he said this happens frequently. Businesses and individuals often just get rid of lots of stuff out of convenience, and collecting and selling this stuff isn’t in his current business model, so it mostly gets trashed or occasionally donated when feasible.

I no longer have my van, so I could only get a few pieces. I helped another one of the guys load up most of it, and in return he dropped off a few more of the pieces at my house. All in all I got 7 pieces of furniture that I will be able to sell for over $150 total (and that’s at prices low enough to sell them on Craigslist within 48 hours), easily more than doubling the amount of money I made for doing the job alone. The guy who got the rest of the furniture will easily make well over $1000 bucks. Possibly a LOT more.

For anybody working this job regularly, these opportunities arise consistently if you are able to take advantage of them.

If I worked at his business full time I could create $1200 to $6000 a year in additional income beyond just the wages. That’s HUGE! It’s the equivalent of a 62 cent to $3 an hour raise! Who wouldn’t want that?

Some jobs may allow you to get free or discount food, or other discarded items you can sell. I have made a video before about strange ‘trash’ you can sell on eBay such as bottle caps and wine corks. Some jobs may allow you to collect thousands of these really fast.

Other’s may give you employee rates or discounts on certain things, or by nature of the work you do allow you to save considerable money in certain categories. Look at your job with an entrepreneurial eye; you’ll find SOMETHING.

Don’t stop trying to create a separate side hustle or business, but make sure you aren’t overlooking the existing opportunities that are available from your current method of employment. No job is ALL bad.