The Naughty Nomad – Not your typical backpacker story

I have done a fair amount of travelling, and it’s something that I really enjoy and plan to do a LOT more of it in the future. Unfortunately I haven’t (yet!) done much international travel, but I’ve made it I’ve been to 46 of the 50 US States, but only been to two foreign countries (UK and Kuwait).

While I’m not travelling myself, I really enjoy reading about other people’s travel exploits. In fact I like pretty much any kind of interesting memoir type books, and travel tales are included.

One book I finished not long ago is the one mentioned in the title:
“The Naughty Nomad” by Mark Zolo

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Don’t get stuck as a bottom feeder – 3 steps to become a real entrepreneur!

There are a lot of different things you can do to make money with practically zero investment upfront. the downside is that many of these things won’t get you a lot of money, but it is at least an option. I have detailed some of these techniques in my articles and videos before, such as my video 17 weird things you can get for free to sell on eBay.

I talk about these methods because I want to show you that really anybody can do SOMETHING to make extra money and improve your situation. There are also always a few whiners out there who, no matter how great of an opportunity you reveal, will complain that they can’t do it because it takes a $5 investment, or other such nonsense. I like to show that even with ridiculous parameters like “I can’t spend any money and can only work 15 minutes a week” you can still make SOME extra income.

However, for those who are serious about changing their lives, you have to move beyond digging around for free stuff and zero-work hustles.

If you go scrounging for pennies, that is what you are going to find. 

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Upset that Donald Trump is President? – READ THIS

Today is the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States. Regardless of whether you love Trump or hate him, there is one simple fact you have to accept:

99% of everything that happens to you over the next 4-8 years, good and bad, will be a result of decision and actions that YOU make on a day to day basis.

If you are overweight, in debt, aren’t happy with your job, or your relationships, then don’t talk to me about how Trump is going to ruin your life.

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5 things I’m glad I spent money on

If you spend any time on websites dedicated to the frugality side of personal finance, you may get the idea that it’s bad to ever spend any money. The truth is that its all about surplus money – how much you are earning beyond what you are spending. This surplus is what allows you to get rich, retire, or do anything beyond simply paying non-discretionary bills. You can affect this equation on either side – by raising your income, lowering your expenses, or both.

The frugality blogs and websites tend to focus mostly on lowering spending, because anybody can do it, and most people have some easy low-hanging fruit in their monthly spending.

The problem is that a constant focus on lowering spending can lead to an attitude where spending almost any money is painful, and this can handicap your ability to be truly financially independent. The solution is to not ONLY focus on cutting costs, but also to figure out what things you SHOULD spend money on. Sometimes these items might have a positive net cost (meaning they bring in or save money beyond what you spent to buy it), or they provide utility that is disproportionately large compared to what it costs to procure.

Sort of the opposite of buyer’s remorse, sometimes you will buy something that you use so often, or performs so well, that you feel like you got an incredible deal. These items will be different for each person as our interests, needs, and lifestyles are all unique.

Following are a few completely random items where I feel I’ve got way more than my money’s worth over the years:

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Money CAN buy you happiness

 I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase “money can’t buy you happiness”.  I don’t really like using the word “happiness” in this context, because it doesn’t really fully represent what people are trying to say then they repeat this saying.

Happiness is more or less a fleeting emotion, and isn’t necessary 100% of the time to have a fulfilling, amazing life.

I enjoying playing adult kickball and I am super competitive (laugh all you want, that shit is serious). When my team loses a game, I can’t honestly describe my emotional state for the next few hours as ‘happy’. But at the same time, I am not depressed or miserable and I am still content and satisfied with most aspects of my life. You don’t need to be ‘happy’ 100% of the time. You can’t be, really.

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Find and exploit the hidden benefits of your job – make more money


My goal has always been to break free from the job paradigm and own my own time. So far I am doing pretty good – I don’t have a boss or anybody to answer to, my income is directly related to my work, and I control my own time. Now I am just focused on increasing the amount of income to around the $80k a year mark, where studies have shown happiness is maximized.

A lot of people haven’t gotten there yet (or don’t even necessarily want to quit their jobs and work for themselves) but are still looking for ways to increase income, even if just for spending money.

I recommend EVERYBODY create some sort of side hustle (such as Uber, or selling things on eBay and Amazon).

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5 things you should take with you when you travel



I’ve had the opportunity to do a decent amount of travelling, throughout the united states and a little internationally. I like to travel as light as possible, usually only taking one carry-on size bag, so space is at a premium and I only take stuff that is useful. There are 5 things that I always take with me whenever I go travelling:

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Last month’s earnings – June 2016

Monthly Earnings Jun 16

Every month I list my online earnings from the past month to give you some insight into at least a few ways money can be made on line. Whether you are trying to earn extra money as a side-hustle, or totally break free from the job paradigm and own your time, there are a lot of options for income generation and most of them are possible for anybody. All of the work I did could have been done in addition to working a full time job. I currently choose to live off less and enjoy the freedom, but you don’t have to be willing to live off of $1500 or $2500 a month for all of these techniques to be worthwhile. In fact, many of my more lucrative projects are the ones that involve the least ongoing time investment.

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Two simple ways you can look better than 80% of guys out there



At the time of this writing I have been to most of the states in the union (Alaska, Hawaii, Arizona, Arkansas, North Dakota, Iowa, and Vermont have yet to be graced with my presence). Travelling to a bunch of different cities in over 40 states lets you see a lot of unique places and people – and also lets you find out what is the same everywhere.

One of the things that is the evident almost everywhere in the country is the sad state of the modern American man. The vast majority are in piss-poor condition, physically and fashionably.  Most of them wear ill-fitting clothes that drape awkwardly over fat dad-bods.

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