Stop trying to ‘save’ your good content for later


“As long as you are going to be thinking anyway, think big.”

– Donald Trump


blog_best_practices1 Once you begin the challenge of producing content  (blog, videos, whatever) you may notice an interesting  compulsion pop up: a desire to ‘save’ your really good  ideas for later, once you have already become  popular, so they can be appreciated, and profitable . It  may feel like a waste to pour your heart and soul into  a blog post or video that you are reasonably certain nobody is going to see, because your blog is just starting out. This is a natural feeling, and I still get flashes of it, but you have to crush that kind of weak thinking. You should be EAGER to get your good ideas out there, not hesitant. That hesitation is very problematic for a few reasons:

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You aren’t missing a great idea, you’re missing a great mindset.

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    “The how is nothing – Mindset is everything.”

         – Victor Pride




It’s actually fairly easy to get people fired up about making money online, and that’s because most people like the idea of not having to work for somebody else, and owning their own time.

What normally happens however, is that these people will put a little effort into their first project for a couple months, and then give up when they aren’t rich, or if they still have to work. This ‘strategy’ if you can call it that, will never work. What you have to understand is that the entrepreneur’s mindset is crucial to success, even if your ideas are fantastic. A lot of losers think that if they had been the one to happen to come up with one of these ‘great’ ideas (facebook, Google, the pet rock) then they would be rich. But its not true, because the idea isn’t what they are missing – it’s the mindset. The idea could have been dropped in their lap and they would squander it, making excuses the whole time.

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Everybody is a salesman and they don’t even know it

An often over looked aspect of making money is the art of selling. Sales skills are invaluable and should be trained and practiced by everyone. No matter what your line of work, or how you make your money, you are selling something.

Even if you are not directly selling a product, you are selling your time, your skills, or something. What is a resume if not a sales pitch for your product (you)? And the effectiveness with which you do this can be improved with the same skills that would help you sell anything else.

Once you are able to make the transition to working for yourself you will be even more directly involved in selling – affiliate sales, direct sales of your products, advertising, etc.

Some important principles to keep in mind with regards to selling:

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Last month’s online earnings

Every month I will list my online earnings from the past month to show that you don’t have to make a fortune to break free from the job paradigm and own your time, and to outline some various options for online income generation.

Keep in mind that some income sources might not directly involve the internet, but as they still further the cause of freedom I will include them.

Also keep in mind that I do my record keeping on a cash accounting method, so I only count the expenses and income for the month where they actually hit the account, not when the sale or purchase may have taken place. So for instance, the Youtube revenue was actually earned in February, but was deposited this month.

Here are my results from March 2015 with some brief explanations:

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The 6 best things you will ever get for your eBay business

I frequently mention eBay and online selling because it has such low barriers to entry that it is an option for almost anybody when it comes to ways to make extra money and break free from the job paradigm.

If you are going to start an eBay, Amazon, or other online reselling business, then do yourself a favor and make sure you have the 6 things I outline below. They are without a doubt the best things I ever got for my online selling.

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You can’t win the lotto if you don’t buy a ticket

The title notwithstanding, this article is not about my delinquent gambling habits (although I did recently win a prop bet on the correct order of the lewd jokes in the movie “Predator”). What we’re actually going to cover today is spending time on longer-term, lower probability/ higher reward projects, which a lot of entrepreneurs tend to reflexively avoid.

When first starting out on the quest to break free from the job paradigm, you definitely need to focus on creating income quickly and efficiently. This usually means focusing on the opportunities and options that are most immediately lucrative or available to you. And there is nothing wrong with that, but the most readily available options are usually not the ones that have the most upside potential. Something like an eBay or Amazon reselling business can be started very quickly, and begin bringing in income right away. The problem is that after an initial success, many people settle in to this new role and stop trying to create new sources of income, and never put any effort into projects that have a chance to really take off.

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Should you try to save money or make money?

If you have been reading this site, and are a self-motivated human being, you probably have decided you want to own your time; to own your life. The most basic key to a lifestyle of freedom is to self-sufficiency – to be able to take care of your basic needs without having to be a slave.  Despite what many people will try to tell themselves, money is the best path to this kind of self-sufficiency. Not riches, but money. Enough money to take care of your basic necessities so that you how you spend you time is a choice. Some still choose to work for somebody else, and that’s fine – but it is a CHOICE. You have no idea how much easier it is to go into work when you know you really don’t have to.

And for those of us who want to be totally free from the job paradigm, obviously income is needed for that. Like I said above, you don’t need riches, but you do need money. No matter how frugally you choose to live, it is the source of your income that determines if you are free or not.

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Welcome to freedom!

This website is not about making money


This website is about FREEDOM. 



Don’t get me wrong, money is awesome, and I am actively trying to make more. But money isn’t great for it’s own sake, it is great because it can get you that freedom. For most people the main reason they do not have freedom is because they are stuck in the job paradigm, and as wise man once told me, “Working for other people is nothing but waking up early and holding your shit in.” 

This site is an ongoing study and experiment in all the ways to free yourself from the job paradigm, through making money online, motivation, saving money, investing, and all the other amazing opportunities provided through the internet. 

I’m not even close to being rich, but I own my time, which is a lot more than many wealthy people can say. On The Secret of the Internet we show you what we do, and the things that work for us, and the things that don’t. We  also profile and examine many other online businesses so you can see all the various ways people are being their own bosses and breaking free from wage slavery. 

Welcome to freedom!