Last Month’s earnings – January 2016

Monthly Earnings jan 16


Every month I will list my online earnings from the past month to give you some insight into at least a few ways money can be made on line. Whether you are trying to earn extra money as a side-hustle, or totally break free from the job paradigm and own your time, there are a lot of options for income generation and most of them are possible for anybody. All of the work I did could have been done in addition to working a full time job. I currently choose to live off less and enjoy the freedom, but you don’t have to be willing to live off of $1500 or $2500 a month for all of these techniques to be worthwhile. In fact, many of my more lucrative projects are the ones that involve the least ongoing time investment.

Keep in mind that some income sources might not directly involve the internet, but as they still further the cause of freedom I will include them.

Also keep in mind that I do my record keeping on a cash accounting method, so I only count the expenses and income for the month where they actually hit the account, not when the sale or purchase may have taken place. So for instance, the Youtube revenue was actually earned in December, but was deposited this month.

Here are my results from January 2016 with some brief explanations:

January 2016 Total: $2,786.34

Online Sales: $482.56
This includes eBay sales, Amazon sales, and Bookscouter. This is a net total after accounting for inventory purchases, shipping, listing fees, etc.

Amazon Affiliate Sales: $111.42
These are all sales made through affiliate links on my Youtube videos and websites. This category is always one of my favorites to report as it is probably the one I spend the least amount of effort on, and yet it is a consistent source of income, even if small. This was a great month for Amazon affiliate sales. Anything over $100 is fantastic. I thought online purchases might have dropped off after the Christmas season, but they were strong this month.

Local Sales: $0.00
This category is for sales where I met the buyer locally and did not ship the item. Nothing was sold locally this past month.

Adsense: $1012.17
I count the income the month I actually get it, so these are actually my earnings from December. Most of this was from my two main Youtube channels, with $13.25 coming from Google ads on my websites. This is a fantastic month of Adsense earnings from Youtube, and is above average. I guess that this is partly related to Adsense using up the remaining budgets of ad campaigns that were set to run out at the end of the year. This is confirmed by the fact that so far this month (January) earnings have been much lower, even though views and other metrics have increased. My goal for the new year is to reach a total of $11,000, which equates to over $900 a month, so we’re off to a good start so far. $ 198.73
Another month, and more earnings with almost no work from Buythermite. Average income from this site for all of 2015 was $74.12, so this is well above the current average. Here’s to hoping 2016 sets a new, higher average!

Credit Card Rewards: $473.46

This is obviously a fantastic month for credit card rewards, and represents the equivalent of working an entire WEEK at $10 an hour, yet took less than an hour of total time. This windfall was the result of a signup bonus from the Citi ThankYou Premier Mastercard. The interesting thing is that the direct cash-back option with the reward points would have only netted $250 or so, or I could get $500 worth of gift cards to various retailers. I chose Walmart giftcards, which sold for ABOVE face value on eBay (I’ll explain that phenomenon in another post). Even after accounting for fees and shipping, I walked away with $473. Not bad!   This card does have an annual fee, but it’s waived for the first year. I will be cancelling this card before the annual fee kicks in.

Rent: $508.00

This is a combination of rent, utilities, and internet payment from my girlfriend. Having a roommate that allows you to split housing costs is a great way to more easily and quickly reach a point of independence from the job paradigm.

While not strictly internet income, I include this because it also just gives a more clear picture of my income and what I am working with.

Other Earnings: $0.00

No miscellaneous earnings this past month.