Last month’s online earnings

Every month I will list my online earnings from the past month to show that you don’t have to make a fortune to break free from the job paradigm and own your time, and to outline some various options for online income generation.

Keep in mind that some income sources might not directly involve the internet, but as they still further the cause of freedom I will include them.

Also keep in mind that I do my record keeping on a cash accounting method, so I only count the expenses and income for the month where they actually hit the account, not when the sale or purchase may have taken place. So for instance, the Youtube revenue was actually earned in February, but was deposited this month.

Here are my results from March 2015 with some brief explanations:

March 2015 Total: $2,182.99

Online Sales: $779.23
This includes eBay sales, Amazon Sales, and Amazon affiliate revenue. In the future I plan to track these individually. This is a net total after accounting for inventory purchase, shipping, listing fees, etc.

Local Sales: $305.16
These are all sales that I met the buyer locally and did not ship the item. I used Craigslist, Facebook sales groups, and a local auction house.

Adsense: $744.80
I count the income the month I actually get it, so these are actually my earnings from February. Most of this was from my two main Youtube channels, with around $4 coming from Google ads on my websites. $243.78
Solid month of sales from my Thermite website. especially when you consider this amount is after accounting for a roughly $180 inventory purchase. Normal income from this site averages 50 to 100 bucks a month.

Credit Card Rewards: $85.02
Cashing in CC rewards always makes me feel good, as this is basically free money (and I’m taking it from some of the biggest banks in the world – double win!). I don’t get enough to cash them in every month, so this is much higher than the running average. But regardless, with my stable of rewards cards I am getting usually 3% to 6% cash back on almost every dollar I spend, so it still results in hundreds of dollars in free money every year.