This website is not about making money.

This website is about getting the most out of life. 

Breaking free


While breaking free from the job paradigm is important, my main focus is self improvement and mindset – achieving your ultimate form in every arena: health and fitness, mindset, social dominance, women and dating, money and business – All of it. Everything flows from being the best version of yourself possible; bending the universe to your will to achieve a life of peace and contentment. 

Therefore much of what I write about is not related to money. There are plenty of people who don’t have much money but enjoy the hell out of life because of their mindset, but there is nobody who is happy if they have the wrong mindset, no matter how much money they have. I’m sure we can all think of a rich and famous person who killed themselves, despite appearing to ‘have it all’. 

Don’t get me wrong, money is awesome, and I am actively trying to make more. But money isn’t great for it’s own sake, just all by itself. What makes for an enjoyable life is, well, enjoyment. And that comes from mindset, emotions, and experiences – But as the man says, money doesn’t buy sadness, and improving your financial security and freedom allows you to enjoy so many more experiences that most people will never be able to do, such as travelling. For most people the main reason they do not have freedom is because they are stuck in the job paradigm, and as wise man once told me, “Working for other people is nothing but waking up early and holding your shit in.”


I’m not even close to being rich, but I own my time, which is a lot more than many wealthy people can say. On The Secret of the Internet we’ll examine all the various ways to be the best version of yourself physically and mentally, and break free from the slave mindset.  

Welcome to freedom!