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The website Fiverr offers some truly amazing opportunities for people trying to make money online. One of the major excuses people have for not creating sources of income with blogs, ebooks, etc is that they don’t know have the various technical skills necessary to finish products like that. Well on Fiverr there are people all over the world offering every service you can think of, and it has been crucial to me for completing some projects.

There are services for WordPress and web adjustments, ebook formatting, graphic design for covers, voiceover and video work, narration, virtual assistants, transcript writers, music, consulting, advice, etc. Almost anything you can think of, at prices pushed down to very reasonable levels through the competitiveness of a global market place. Fiverr is a HUGE asset, don’t overlook it.

CLICK HERE to get a free gig



There are many great hosting companies out there, but Bluehost is the biggest and most trusted hosting company out there, and the easiest to use. They have great prices, and you can instantly load WordPress onto your domains. You can also get your domain name through them. Getting your hosting is the first step to creating an income-producing blog or website:



There are many options out there, so do your research. For those of you who are curious as to what I use, I use the Blue snowball mic, which gives great sound quality for the price, and is easy to use and hooks right up to USB.

While I have never personally used it, the Blue Yeti mic has been recommended by many people and is known for excellent quality.

If you aren’t worried about cutting out portions or adding music then you can just record right to your podcasting software. If you want to do any editing you will have to use some kind of audio editing software. Everybody with a Mac seems to use Garage Band, but I have never used it so I can not say anything about it. I use the free program Audacity to record and edit my podcasts.

To host and share my podcasts I use SoundCloud.



Check out the great music from The Trouble Notes. You may have heard their music in the intros of my videos and podcasts. Their website is



WordPress is a powerful, free, and easy-to-use tool for website creation, and is what I have used for the majority of my sites, including this one.
This site uses the Metro Pro theme on the Genesis Framework.



– Key Ring

– Bookscouter

– Amazon Sellers app



The advent of the ‘rewards’ credit card has made conscious and responsible credit card use  an easy source of basically free money. If you can’t seem to manage using credit cards without carrying a balance then I would stick to an all-cash budget system. I have a stable of several cards that I use based on their cash-back rewards:

 – Discover It card


This is a great card for several reasons:

1. 5% cashback in rotating categories:
5% is way higher than most other cash back cards out there. The categories last for 3 months each, and they are actually useful. The categories are usually gas, restaurants and movies, home-improvement, and holiday shopping.

2. Monthly free FICO Credit score:
I can’t be the only person in the world who finds the whole credit score thing to be a pain in the ass. Is it free? is it not? How many times can I check a year without it hurting my score? Is this website even legit? etc. This card gives you your credit score every month with no hassle from one of the 3 major credit bureaus.

3. Discounted Gift Cards:
I have always thought it was insane that the gift cards you could buy with ‘points’ from most credit card rewards programs are no better of a deal than simply getting cash back. Why would you want to spend 50 reward dollars for a gift card that can only be spent at one store, when you can get $50 cash put right into your account that can be spent anywhere?

Discover must have finally heard my weeping and gnashing of teeth, because they offer discounted gift cards you can purchase with reward dollars. And the discounts are significant too, usually 10% but some are 20%  or even 50% off! That means that 5% cash back could really be 6.25% or as much as 10% if you use it on discounted gift cards! They offer gift cards from a ton of big name national stores and companies.

4. Signup Bonus
While the Discover It card doesn’t have a traditional sign-up bonus, you can get a $50 signing bonus if you have somebody who already has the card send you a referral email. I have this card, so if you want the referral bonus just email me at and I will send you the referral email, and I’ll get a bonus too!

4. No annual Fee
I am not a fan of annual fees on cards, and who needs them when you can get a card with 5% back without having to pay for it?

Smartphone Apps:

There are numerous Apps out there that help with everything from saving money, to entertainment, to avoiding speed traps and traffic! Here are a few apps that I use:
-Amazon Seller App
-Key Ring
-Hotels Tonight



Websites and blogs

Youtube channels