Everything you need for successful online reselling


This is a quick breakdown of all the items you might need to efficiently sell on eBay and Amazon. Except for the camera (I just use my phone)., the items listed below are the actual items I use almost every day to make money selling online:

– Camera:
Most smartphones these days have very good cameras, and it is much better to simply get started with what you have. When you are ready to move to the next level you can upgrade to a great camera like this Canon DSLR kit:

Canon DSLR kit

– Lights and light box

When it comes to taking pictures for your items, lighting is very important. Good, bright lighting is what can let you get away with not using a super high quality camera. It allows prospective buyers to see the details and features of the items, and just plain makes things look better and more professional. I use these photography lights and this light box kit for all my pictures. Cheap but very effective. The lightbox kit includes multiple color backdrops for maximum contrast and aesthetic photos no matter what you are selling. It also has lights, and even includes a little tripod for your phone camera.

Photography Light set    Light box

– Laser printer:

I strongly recommend getting a laser printer. I use this Canon MF 3010 Laserprinter that also scans and copies.

canon laserprinter

It is black and white only but that has never been an issue for me and makes the toner cartridges much cheaper. I get these generic toner cartridges that offer a great price per page; much cheaper than cheap inkjet printers with expensive cartridges.

Toner Cartridges

– Shipping Labels: 

 These labels I use are two to a page, and work perfectly with eBay, Paypal, Amazon, the USPS website, UPS, and pretty much everywhere.

shipping labels

If you really ramp up your operation you will want to look into a dedicated high-speed thermal label printer to make the process even easier.

Postal Scale:

postal scale

Absolutely essential if you are going to be shipping from home.

– Tape gun:

tape gun

This tape gun is another essential piece of equipment for shipping your items. Seriously, just get one. Less than $7 shipped with Amazon Prime. You won’t regret it.

Don’t forget to get a lot of tape to go with it. Buy 6 or more rolls at once to save money. You will use it eventually (probably sooner than you think). I use this tape because it’s decently thick and still cheap:

packing tape

– Tape measure:

tape measure

I use this flat tailors tape measure. It works well for clothing, boxes, and anything else. It’s easy to use, versatile, and doesn’t take up any space. To top it off they are very inexpensive. Definitely worth picking one up. I use mine constantly.



– Poly Mailers 

poly mailer

I use these Poly mailers for almost every item I ship. I stock the following sizes:


I also occasionally use these manila envelopes and recommend stocking a few of them as well.


– Bubble Wrap:

bubble wrap

 I prefer this wrap with the large bubbles, but you will get less than on this kind with the smaller bubbles. I suggest getting a roll of each.


Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts

I rarely use packing peanuts because they aren’t cheap and take a lot of space to store. But when I do I use this biodegradable kind.


– Packing Paper:

packing paper

This packing paper is relatively cheap and easy to use store.




– Dress forms 

dress forms

This is the dress form set I use and it is has served me well for selling thousands of items of clothing. I strongly recommend getting these if you are going to be selling clothing as they drastically improve the look of your pictures.

– Hand / Head forms, jewelry stands:

Head form

I have this styrofoam head and it has come in handy many times for hats, sunglasses, etc.

These are also great if you sell a lot of jewelry or accessories:

Hand form
Velvet bust Neck Form

– USB barcode scanner:

barcode scanner

I use this USB barcode scanner and it is great for researching and listing any items that have a barcode (books, Video games, new items, etc). Well worth the modest cost.


storage shelves

I use several of these storage shelves in my ‘eBay room’ to store my inventory. They work well.






These are the totes I use. Lids are attached so you can’t lose them. tough yet Lightweight and stackable. Clear so you can see what is inside them.


Clothing Racks

clothing rack

You might not need one of these, but if you get one don’t skimp. The cheap ones are unstable and can’t hold very much. I use one like this: http://amzn.to/2iZGTUk