Stop following the rules



For your entire life up until this point you have been living according to a system that wasn’t created by you, wasn’t created for you, and wasn’t even built with your interests in mind.

I’m not referring to the country or political structures per se, but to the very culture and lifestyle that we are raised in. From preschool until the nursing home, we are supposed to follow other people’s rules designed to accomplish other people’s goals. If you want to accomplish your goals, then you have to start living by your rules.

Stop asking for permission

Stop waiting for somebody to tell you it’s ok

Stop worrying about what you are ‘allowed to’ to or ‘supposed to’ do

Start living life on your own terms. 

You have to decide what you want out of life and take it. And that is the key point here. I am not saying that all existing rules are bad, and you should ignore them just for the hell of it. What I’m saying is that to live life on your terms you have to base your decisions on what you want, not on what the rules say. The most important aspect is to base your actions on decisions, not on reactions. We all have mental scripts ( a very important concept I will breakdown more later) that have been shaped over the years by genetics and personal experience. These scripts are like muscle memory or instincts for the brain, and guide our thought processes and even our physical actions. The problem is they do so involuntarily, so we react automatically instead of making a conscious decision.

Reacting automatically can be good when your instincts are honed for the right purpose, like a fighter automatically throwing a counter without thinking about it. However most of our mental scripts are based on somebody else’s rules.

when you bump into somebody, you probably say sorry instantly, before even consciously assessing the situation. Maybe the other person did something foolish or even dangerous and put you at risk. Is saying “Sorry’ really what furthers your goals for that situation?

Don’t react. DECIDE. Find out what you want from life and make conscious decisions. Make your own rules that will further your goals and live by them until those become instinct instead.

Live is short – Don’t live it for other people.

Now get out there and break some rules.



– Eric English