The 6 best things you will ever get for your eBay business

I frequently mention eBay and online selling because it has such low barriers to entry that it is an option for almost anybody when it comes to ways to make extra money and break free from the job paradigm.

If you are going to start an eBay, Amazon, or other online reselling business, then do yourself a favor and make sure you have the 6 things I outline below. They are without a doubt the best things I ever got for my online selling.


1.  Tape Gun

Tape gun
It goes without saying that if you are successfully selling things online, you are going to be packing them up and mailing them as well. These things are less than $10 shipped if you have Amazon Prime, and will last for years. Trust me you do NOT want to mess with trying to find the edge on a roll of tape. Stop being bush league and send the $9 to get a tape gun. Don’t forget to get some tape rolls to use with it.



2. Postal Scale

postal scaleThis is absolutely essential. Not only does it allow you to avoid standing in line at the post office, but it allows you to find out how much something will cost to ship by weighing it, so you know BEFORE you list it. Nothing is worse than having something cost a lot more to ship than you thought and eat into your or eliminate your profits.  I suggest looking for a few key features:

– At least 25lb capacity (preferably 50+)
– Accuracy to 1/10 of an ounce
– Detached, corded display

Without the separate display the boxes can sometimes cover the read-out window so you can’t see what the weight is while it is being weighed. Many scales will work, like this one.  You really want to be able to do your postage at home, as you can save big money (eBay gives around a 35% discount on USPS shipping).


3. Laser Printer

laserA printer is necessary for creating postage, packing slips, etc. You do not want to waste your time with a cheap ink-jet printer. They are super slow, they barely last long enough to use up a single cartridge, even though you don’t get many pages out of each one.

Invest in a decent quality laser printer. The toner cartridges cost more, but you get WAY more pages out of each one and they are way faster and much more reliable. I use the and buy cheap generic toner cartridges.



4. Self-Adhesive Labels

labelsGet the kind with two on each page. only a few cents each, and much easier, quicker, and more professional than cutting a piece of paper and taping it on. Trust me, you will thank me later. Work well with eBay, Amazon, Paypal, etc.




5. Poly Mailers

polyThese are cheap, very lightweight, and useful for all kinds of packaging . Self-adhesive, waterproof, and professional looking. I make sure I have the following sizes on hand:




6.  USB Computer Barcode scanner

usbThese are super useful for books, media items, and pretty much anything with a barcode. Allows you to quickly and easily list things or just look up prices and features. I use this mostly for Bookscouter and Amazon. These are only about $20 brand new and well worth it. Click HERE for the one I use.




Individually these items may not seem like a big deal, but with all of them together the process is SO much quicker, easier, and more professional, that once you have these items you will curse yourself for ever having gone without them. Trust me.