The Naughty Nomad – Not your typical backpacker story

I have done a fair amount of travelling, and it’s something that I really enjoy and plan to do a LOT more of it in the future. Unfortunately I haven’t (yet!) done much international travel, but I’ve made it I’ve been to 46 of the 50 US States, but only been to two foreign countries (UK and Kuwait).

While I’m not travelling myself, I really enjoy reading about other people’s travel exploits. In fact I like pretty much any kind of interesting memoir type books, and travel tales are included.

One book I finished not long ago is the one mentioned in the title:
“The Naughty Nomad” by Mark Zolo

Mark Zolo is an Irishman who started his wild travelling adventures early, making it to Antarctica right after high school. This kicked off years of ambitious, extended international travelling that quickly led Mark to develop the goal of travelling to every country on earth. Something only a handful of people have ever done.

He begins his adventures as an inexperienced, overly daring kid chasing adventures and skirts, and finds plenty of both. His penchant for illicit substances leads him into some situations that, if they really happened, make him the luckiest man alive – such as smuggling large amounts of weed over the border of militarized African countries, and only escaping detection through circumstances straight out of a movie. I won’t give away too many specifics, I’ll let you read the book.

It is an easy if not somewhat shallow read, but exactly the kind of book I like. about 220 pages, so fairly average length. I recommend this book if you are interested in travel memoirs, and aren’t put off by drugs, sex, and crazy Irishmen.

He recently released the 2nd edition of this book, which you can get on Amazon here:

And he blogs about his ongoing travel at