“The Unchained Man” by Caleb Jones



Caleb Jones is the writer of several blogs that I read regularly. After getting familiar with his work and reading his blogs for a while I put his book “The Unchained Man” on my future reading list. I finally bought it to read on a recent trip I went on. Like most books I have been reading lately, it is independently published by the author.

I have always enjoyed Caleb Jones’ material, so I knew I would like this book, but I wasn’t prepared for just how much. This book is without a doubt one of the best I have ever read. It covers self improvement in almost every aspect of a man’s life.

To start off, this is not a small book. At well over 400 pages it is absolutely massive compared to standard self-improvement type books, which normally come in at around half that size or less. In addition to that it is incredibly pithy, with no fluff or filler. There is not a single page you could take out without removing something important. The author could have easily turned this into 4 or 5 individual books of 200 pages each. That is how many different topics are thoroughly explored in this book.

He covers everything from breaking free of society’s mental programming and your own “obsolete biological wiring” , to finding your personal mission and passion, creating a freedom-based business, travel, time management, attracting women, and more.

One of the great things about this book is that Jones is not just a philosophizer; he doesn’t just wax poetically about  these topics, everything is actionable advice, many times with specific steps and actual exercises the reader can take to work through the mental process. The sections on finding your mission and time management  were especially great in this regard, and happened to be my favorite parts of the book.

The overall message of the book is breaking free from unnecessary constraints (external AND internal) to create a life that delivers long term consistent happiness. This meshes so perfectly with my goal for this site and my own life, and can be applied to every guy out there. Who is NOT looking for long term consistent happiness?

A word of warning; this book gets you there by ruthlessly attacking and tearing down all kinds of sacred cows and belief systems. Many of your beliefs will be challenged by this book, and if you are particularly dogmatic and haven’t really thought through ALL your belief systems, you might get angry just reading it. From religion, to societal customs, to outdated genetic “caveman” urges, to monogamy and marriage – Nothing is safe from Caleb Jones if it gets in the way of consistent long term happiness.

And why should it be?


From a Technical standpoint the book was very well structured for easy flow. Only a few minor typos, well below average for a self-published book. I’m not a literary type so most of the time I only notice grammar, prose and structure if they stand out in a bad way. Nothing of the sort with this book. Easy to read, extremely tough to put down.

You can check out “The Unchained Man” HERE. I definitely recommend it. 5/5.