You aren’t missing a great idea, you’re missing a great mindset.

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    “The how is nothing – Mindset is everything.”

         – Victor Pride




It’s actually fairly easy to get people fired up about making money online, and that’s because most people like the idea of not having to work for somebody else, and owning their own time.

What normally happens however, is that these people will put a little effort into their first project for a couple months, and then give up when they aren’t rich, or if they still have to work. This ‘strategy’ if you can call it that, will never work. What you have to understand is that the entrepreneur’s mindset is crucial to success, even if your ideas are fantastic. A lot of losers think that if they had been the one to happen to come up with one of these ‘great’ ideas (facebook, Google, the pet rock) then they would be rich. But its not true, because the idea isn’t what they are missing – it’s the mindset. The idea could have been dropped in their lap and they would squander it, making excuses the whole time.

It is said that 75% of lottery winners go broke. This is because a lack of money was never their biggest financial problem – it was their mindset and their habits. So dumping a ton of money on them didn’t fix the problem. Yet if you had asked them a week before they won, 100% of those lottery winners would have told you their problems arent their fault, and they would be fixed if they just had a bunch of money.

The same is true with money-making ventures, businesses, and all those really great ideas you wish you had.

Behind all of those ideas were entrepreneurs relentlessly pursuing them, asking for funding, ignoring all their friends and family members who told them it wasn’t going to work,  etc. If you took the average whiner and gave them the best idea in the world, they would make excuses all day about why they still can’t make it work.

“Yeah its a good idea, but I need money for a patent”

“Yeah but I don’t know anything about fundraising.”

“Yeah but ..Blah blah blah”

On the other end of the spectrum you see people get rich with the dumbest ideas and products you’ve ever seen, simply because they basically willed it to happen.

What you need to do is completely adjust your mindset – If you focus on a singular goal of getting rich, or even just breaking free from the job paradigm, every hour you work that does not get you there will seem like a waste and a failure.

If instead, you build a self image around being an entrepreneur who relentlessly pursues success no matter what, then each hour you work, and each failed will BOLSTER that image, not destroy it.

Take a look at my projects page – you will see a lot more failures on that list than successes. Instead of being ashamed that a lot of my ideas didn’t work (at all), I take pride in the fact that I have kept trying, even in the face of so many failures. Eventually some have been modestly successful. But it wasn’t because of ‘luck’ or because I happened to have one really great idea – it was because my mindset allowed me to take advantage of opportunities.